Details matter.

Say you’re a well known company from a country of 10 million inhabitants plus a lot of moose and reindeer.

Let’s also say you launch an IPO.

Let’s say the NYSE thinks, let’s fly your home country flag at the launch of your IPO.

You think —fantastic! We love our country, we love your flag…

You arrive. It’s your IPO  launch. Your adrenaline is skyrocketing. Let’s do this!

You see a flag.

The flag is red and white like Switzerland. It’s the Swiss flag! Why did NYSE fly the Swiss flag?!

Because people think Sweden and Switzerland are the same country. Here’s a secret- Sweden & Switzerland are two separate countries just like Mexico and United States are two separate countries.

When you’re from Sweden and are Swedish, details matter.

via Sven Carlsson on Twitter


Academics Link Etiquette & Success

Whomever said “Nice guys [and gals] finish last” was intoxicated. Never trust an intoxicated person. Put them in an uber and send them home.

Nordic Business Insider tells us a researcher has linked financial success to unyielding adherence to 3 basic etiquette  protocols:

  • Thank you notes. Write them. Write more of them.
  • Table manners. A knife is not decorative or optional, it a utensil to be used at all times in your right hand to push food onto the fork in your left hand. Yes, if there is a business lunch involving pizza, use a knife and fork.
  • Introduce yourself. Be kind. Ask questions of other people.

Nordic Business Insider must have been sponsored 50 years ago by my lovely Aunt Inga Lil and the world’s most sophisticated lady, Mormor Gerda. Each of these wonderful women ran their own businesses and properly taught this blonde as a toddler how to properly sit in a dress, use utensils and converse during a meal. Never underestimate a Nordic businesswoman in a dress.

Nice guys and Gals finish first.

No Cappuccino While Driving? There’s a law about that?

A wild and unruly rumor was circulating among baristas and barristers that the New Jersey Legislature was considering banning coffee while driving. Someone get these legislators some caffeine. stat.

How could this happen to our morning commutes? A lawmaker trying to get to the heart of cell phones and texting while driving, decided to tinker with the state’s distracted driving law.

This lawmaker’s nobel cause led to a broadening of the law to say that a driver can’t do anything that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle. Clearly this lawmaker has not spent enough time on Austin roads, there’s a lot worse that drivers do than drink a latte.

Could this broad language make my cappuccino a target? Yes. It could also target:

  • driving while wielding mascara
  • driving while vaping
  • driving while turning around and reaching into the back seat to grab your kid’s pacifier

Will the bill come to fruition? Probably not. It’s his third attempt.

Findlaw | Legally Weird | No Coffee While Driving in Jersey? Fuhgeddaboudit!


Cafes: If you’re rude; you pay more.

Viva la France. A growing trend among French cafes is to charge more for customers who are rude. Our, surcharges for the heathens.

How do you pay menu price, or even a reduced price, when you order a coffee? 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Say hello.
  2. Use pretty words like please and may.
  3. Say thank you.

Add a smile and you may just get your coffee gratis. The surcharge for ordering a cafe au lait without politesse is as much as an 80%.

Interesting contrast to American politics where rude is rewarded, isn’t it?

Grub Street | French Cafés Are Charging Extra for Rude Behavior

Politics Meets Emily Post

Politics and politesse often go together like chocolate and aioli. Then some culinary mad scientists start mixing bacon into chocolate and weird things become possible.

For instance, politics melded with politesse over the 2015 holidays when it was reported that presidential candidate Jeb Bush was giving etiquette lessons on selfies.

For those who want to know, Jeb Bush recommends the following manners when taking selfies:

  • Take selfies with great joy in your heart.
  • Angle the image.
  • Hold the camera high. The higher, the better.
  • Young people (and the image conscious) are more skillful selfie takers.

NY Times First Draft | Jeb Bush Succumbs to Selfie Craze and Offers Tips on Selfie Etiquette

Rules Matter: Football Edition

Cross your t’s. Dot your i’s. Cross the finish line before you drop the football.

Utah’s Kaelin Clay dropped the ball on the one yard line, thinking he’d scored a touchdown. A rules savvy Oregon player noticed the error, and ran the ball for a 99 yard touchdown. [Huffington Post]

Rules matter- you have to know the rules to play the game.

Bend the rules. Follow the rules. Skirt the rules. Know the rules better than anyone else.

World Cup Wardrobe Psychology

World Cup coaches wear suits or slacks and sports coats. Jürgen Klinsmann, the German coach of Team USA, garnered the attention of the fashion savvy at The New Yorker by sporting khakis and a knit golf shirt during the World Cup. [The New Yorker]

Klinsmann looked like an American tourist in Berlin, which is not a compliment. It’s also not appropriate for world class competition. Want to be the best football coach in the world? Dress like you own that title. Dress like a leader. Command respect. Khakis and Nikes do not command respect.